Organization and Productivity

This package includes five sessions that will help you achieve your goals related to being more organized and productive. Prior to the first session, you will complete an assessment. During the first session, I will debrief your assessment and you will establish your goals. The steps going forward will take your specific needs into consideration. The second session will focus on time management. The third session will focus on de-cluttering. The fourth session will focus on mind mapping. The fifth session will focus on planning and next steps. There will be a combination of content and coaching throughout the program.

At the end, you will have an/a:

• Personality assessment

• List of goals to support you in the program

• Assessment at the start and end of the program regarding your goals

• More positive feelings around being organized and productive

• More confidence in your organizational skills

• Mind map and an understanding of how it can be used for other areas of your life

• Evidence of de-cluttering and increased productivity

• Plan to keep you on track after you have completed the program