Achieving Inner Peace and Balance

This package includes five sessions that will help you achieve your inner peace and balance goals. Prior to the first session, you will complete an assessment. During the first session, I will debrief your assessment and you will establish your goals. In the second session, you will receive suggested practices to enhance inner peace and balance. The third and fourth sessions will focus on your progress, challenges and ways to address the challenges (related to the practices selected). The fifth session will focus on where you are with regards to reaching your goals and determine steps moving forward. You will be asked to journal throughout the program. There will be a combination of content and coaching throughout the program.

At the end, you will have an/a:

• Personality assessment

• List of goals to support you in the program

• Assessment at the start and end of the program regarding your goals

• List of new practices and/or commitments to old practices

• Calmer feelings in the midst of chaotic situations

• Feelings of being more balanced

• Understanding of how to sustain the sense of calm and balance