Faith-Based Leadership

This package includes ten sessions that will provide a greater understanding and appreciation for how you can lead and maintain your integrity as a woman of faith. Prior to the first session, you will complete two assessments. In the first session, I will debrief your assessments. The second session will focus on spiritual disciplines. The third and fourth sessions will focus on stories about women in the Bible and how their stories may support your story. The fifth and sixth sessions will focus on ten servant leadership principles and creating practices for yourself. The seventh and eighth sessions will focus on your progress, challenges, and ways to address the challenges. The ninth session will focus on accountability support and progress with spiritual disciplines. The tenth session will focus on planning and next steps moving forward. Engagement with current and new spiritual disciplines (including journaling) will be required throughout the program. There will be a combination of content and coaching throughout the program.

At the end of the program, you will have an/a:

• Personality Assessment and Spiritual Gifts Assessment

• List of goals related to enhancing your presence as a faith-based leader

• Assessment at the start and at the end of the program regarding your goals

• Tangible steps to enhance your presence as a faith-based leader

• More confidence in your ability to combine faith and leadership

• Introduction to new spiritual disciplines and/or renewed commitment to existing practices

• Understanding of how to incorporate accountability support

• Plan of action regarding how to sustain progress and make further progress moving forward