Career and Professional Development

This package includes seven sessions that will help you achieve your goals related to your career and professional development. Prior to the first session, you will complete an assessment. During the first session, I will debrief your assessment and you will establish your goals. We will tailor the steps going forward around your specific needs. In the second session, you will start a visioning exercise to be completed as homework. The third session will focus on career planning and needs. The fourth session will focus on professional development planning and needs. The fifth session will focus on emotions, body posture and mindset needed for your shift. The sixth session will focus on new practices started and challenges encountered. There will be an opportunity to explore how to address the challenges as well. The seventh session will focus on planning and next steps to sustain your progress. There will be a combination of content and coaching throughout the program.

At the end your will have an/a:

• Personality assessment

• List of goals to support you in the program

• Clear vision of where you are trying to go in your career

• More confidence regarding your career and professional development

• Understanding of how motivation and self-determination impact your progress

• Plan of action regarding next steps in your career

• Plan of action regarding your professional development