Why I do what I do? I believe that empowering others satisfies a longing to contribute to the great good.

What fuels my "why" statement? 1. Creating space for listening. I have found that most people don't have someone to really listen to them. It is more than a skill. It is a gift to really listen to the joys and concerns of others. 2. Supporting others in identifying their passion. When you identify your passion, it helps you to determine how to spend your time. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, but some of us are living like we have more than 24 hours. 3. Encouraging self-reflection and self-discovery. Taking the time to reflect will increase your opportunity to discover what's really important and what are those next steps. 4. Helping others to acknowledge and utilize their sphere of influence. Everyone has a sphere of influence, but many people spend their time on who they don't know instead of who they know. 5. Lifting the spirit of others by helping them uncover their "aha" moments. There are insights yet to be discovered inside of you.

What I do? I provide life coaching via group or one-on-one sessions. I am also a retreat designer and facilitator. I understand the importance of taking a holistic approach to coaching and facilitation including an appreciation for spirituality. Adept at supporting individuals in transition, managing diversity issues, navigating business politics, and pursuing professional growth. I am results oriented and committed to helping clients uncover opportunities for growth and overcome barriers. I would love the opportunity to help you explore what's holding you back from feeling more empowered in your career or other areas in your life.

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