Support Your Passage Through Life’s Transitions


Dear Client,

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You may be experiencing a challenge in your work or personal environment. You may be stuck while pursuing your career goals. You may be seeking inner peace and a sense of well being. You may be trying to overcome communication barriers in your professional or personal life. If you are any one of these women, I can provide a safe space for exploration and reflection. I can commit to travel with you, so that you can achieve what you want and arrive where you are trying to go.  

How may I be of service to you? I support my clients in defining their sense of balance through self-reflection and a forum to explore practices to support their journey. I offer a space for clients to build or revise their own self-care routine. I support my clients in their desire to pursue and accomplish their career and personal goals. 

My mission is to empower high achieving women as they navigate challenges in their work/life environments.  

I look forward to serving you.    



Be patient with your path.

- Karen Weaver

My Services

As a Life Coach, I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each individual. I help clients attain the professional and personal growth they're striving for. We will start with an assessment and clearly define your goals. We will use these goals as a foundation to create a strategy for attaining your objectives. I offer retreats and workshops for groups, and one-on-one sessions.

I also offer the following packages:

Inner Peace and Achieving Balance (Five Sessions)

Organization and Productivity (Five Sessions)

Career and Professional Development (Seven Sessions)

Faith-Based Leadership (Ten Sessions)

What Ardahlia says!

Having Karen Weaver as my coach was God putting the right person in my life at the right time. In my quest to find my new self as I went through being a new empty nester as a single mother, Karen held me by asking the simplest questions with the greatest impact. Her patience and her willingness to laugh when I laughed and her ability to use empathy and compassion. Allowed me to be safe, be myself, and to be daring, intentional and curious about my immediate and distant future. Thank you Karen!

Spend less time on trying to figure it out, and more time on what’s my next step.

-Karen Weaver